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So I just finished Season 1 of Walking Dead

I have a question about a particular scene. (Trigger warning)

I remember reading an article a few months ago about the most recent season of Walking Dead and an attempted rape. However, there was already an attempted rape in the first season, and I can’t seem to find any opinions on it online (and I don't want to spoil myself too much), so I thought I’d turn to you Jezzies.

For those who need a summary: Lori is married but had a fling with Shane when she thought her husband was dead. Her husband then showed up alive, so she stopped being intimate with Shane. In one particular scene, he corners her alone when he is drunk. Shane pushes Lori onto a table and attempts to rape her, while she struggles to push him off, saying now the whole time. She eventually scratches his neck, which stuns him into stopping the attack.


While I was completely expecting the way the scene would unfold as soon as a drunk man entered the room with a lone woman, whom he desires, I was still astounded at how Walking Dead handled the attempted rape. Lori confronts Shane perhaps once saying something along the lines of “you know what you did; it’s obvious.” He brushes this away with a “It’s not really obvious at all. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” kind of response. I don’t think the word rape was even mentioned, much less admitted to. The whole things seems to be eventually forgotten in an episode or two; there is still tension, but it is mostly from Shane being mopey and angry because he still desires Lori.

What bothers me is that I don’t think this plot device was supposed to make Shane look like a horrible person. I feel like it is supposed to highlight his plight of being in love with woman who no longer wants him. He has so many emotions he can’t help himself but try to have sex with her when she is forcefully saying no. I hope I'm assuming incorrectly and that the general audience is supposed to hate Shane.

I don’t know if I want spoilers whether Shane gets any comeuppance for being a douche. I just really needed to vent about this.

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