I live in the real life Star's Hollow.

No, seriously. I do. I present the following photographic evidence:

We have a town square with a gazebo, where local festivals are held:

I went to a Chilton-esque high school (which you may recognize from War Games, Superbad and about a million other things):


Not counting perimeter traffic lights around the town, we only have two traffic lights. On Main street. OUR LARGEST STREET IS ACTUALLY CALLED MAIN STREET.


That's the annual car show on Main Street in the second picture, just so you know. It's...actually a really big deal (like, actual big deal, not tiny town big deal). I don't know why I felt the need to mention that, but there you go: your useless factoid for today.


We have our own indigenous (as in, look it up in biology books) butterfly:

That we named the local coffee place where everyone goes to get coffee:


I know a lot of small towns are probably like this, but it especially struck me today because I saw three banners across Main Street today: One for the elementary school's fall harvest festival and silent auction, the fall clean up week, and the Halloween Frolic.

Also, because I am a dumbass, it took me until season two until I realized that the actor playing Michel is someone I know. I'm used to reading credits and seeing people I've worked with or know in some capacity, but that was a really weird moment for me.

And lastly - for all of you fucking instigators and mob types who got me binge watching this show: THANK YOU. BLESS YOU, MY CHILDREN.