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So I just uploaded a bunch of comedy videos for my students

Specifically these ones:

The way I figure it, I can make use of the George Carlin, Sarah Silverman, and Stewart Lee to talk about rhetorical strategies people use to conceal meaning, or how a change in rhetoric can be a positive change.


Sarah Silverman and Wanda Sykes both give good examples of dealing with contentious issues with comedy, putting a certain purpose and tone to your rhetoric in advocacy of an issue.

And Richard Pryor reminds us that yes, words have power, but we can depower them. Words mean things and we should think about our language. To quote him "I said I ain't never gonna call another black man nigger. You know, 'cause we never was no niggers. That's a word that's used to describe our own wretchedness. And we perpetuate it now, 'cause that word's dead." By the end of the video he says it's a word that means nothing to him anymore. He doesn't like it, he's not comfortable with people using it as a familiar term, he's done with it. Richard Pryor gives a good example of how we can adapt our rhetoric and we can stand up and say that someone else's rhetoric holds no power over us.

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