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So I Made Blackcurrant Coulis

I took the Little Daleks to go harvest blackcurrants from the backyard of a guy who posted on Kijiji in the free section. I’d never had them before, but I’ve wanted to visit a pick-your-own farm for over a decade (my ex refused to let us do it). I was planning to finally do it this month or next but this was free and the farms are not, so yay!

Anyhow, we picked a ton. They’re easy enough to harvest but sort of a pain to prep (you have to remove the stems and little woody growths off the bottom and they’re small) especially considering my terrible hand joints. I haven’t finished prepping even half of what we picked.


I am giving some to a friend/neighbor who is a foodie and makes jam and stuff. Though she’s never used blackcurrants before either. But after I had had enough prepping for the night I decided to make black currant coulis to have over vanilla ice cream (it’s ridiculously easy to make). And while that cooled I added some sugar to the leftover blackcurrant pulp and had that over ice cream. IT’S SO GOOD YOU GUISE. I’m so glad I picked so many of these things. I’m gonna make freezer jam, and a lemon thyme blackcurrant chicken, and maybe a cobbler...

Apparently, blackcurrants were illegal in the US until about 2003 (something about the risk of spreading some sort of plant disease to other plants?). Which is probably why I’ve never had them before (I grew up in the US and didn’t move to Canada until 2008). They’re a lot more prevalent in the UK. And apparently, there are some popular boozy things to do with them. But I have to severely limit alcohol for health reasons so I’ll not be making any of those.


Anyhow, my point is that blackcurrant sauce over vanilla ice cream is delicious and you should try it.

Also, avoid standing on ant hills while berry picking or you’ll end up with ants crawling all over you as MicroDork learned, lol.

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