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So I Met With A Counselor Today

And it wasn't horrible. It was actually pretty pleasant.

The woman doing my intake is actually a PhD student, so she's not much older than I am which actually made me a lot more comfortable. She said intake will take about 2-4 sessions, and then they'll either refer me to an outside therapist or keep me with them, and they usually do group therapy. But they won't force me to do group and if I want to keep my sessions one on one, then I can.

We talked about a lot of stuff, including my past experiences with therapy. She told me she was happy I decided to come back. She actually listened to me and just talked. She didn't treat me like I'm "crazy" or talk down to me. There were no talks of medication or mention of any mental disorders. Just talking.


She was very interested in my night terrors and gave me some tips to help ease my anxiety. She said she always wants me to look for triggers when I find myself getting overly emotional and flustered, to see what kinds of things are causing that reaction. From what I told her, she said it sounds like whenever I interpret something as rejection (whether or not it is) it triggers strong emotions, so we'll look into that more and why that's happening.

They're going to be closed for the holidays, so my next appointment is on January 8th.

I feel better. I'm ok. :)

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