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So, I might be going back to school?

Update: Just got back from the meeting with the program coordinator and went over my transcript. I could graduate IN A YEAR. Like, start in January, graduate in December!

I’ve submitted my application (it’s pretty much pro forma) and am starting to work out what classes I would be taking.


A while back, I posted about feeling the melancholy urge to return to school. I’d never finished due to a vicious iguana attack, a surprise pregnancy, and then me trying to power through my second pregnancy. Even though I made it without paper, it always bugged me that I never finished off my degree.


Several GTers suggested I look for adult degree programs... and I found out that my Almost Mater had one. Last week, I went to the program’s open house. Two days later, I got a call from an advisor, pleased at how many credits I had, and eager to see me finish up. Apparently, my school never gets rid of your credits, EVER, which partially makes up for their haphazard handling of major medical issues.

We have a meeting on Monday to talk particulars, but holy shit, y’all. I might actually have all of this paperwork done in time for Spring semester.

My husband doesn’t see WHY I have to go back, but I point out that we’ve hit now or never: If I don’t get it done in the next four years, that means that the boy will be in college. We only have a three year breather after he’s done, and then the girl starts. By the time she’s done, I’ll be at least 50, and while many people go back to school then, I’d rather it be for a masters or a degree in something that simply interests me than for a career degree.

Wish me luck in not killing myself with stress!

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