For which, frankly, I was glad. I've been a reader since day one and a commenter since early 09, and I lost my faith way back when JC thought it would be an awesome idea for the Deadspin editor to take over Jezebel for a day and make all sorts of "HAR HAR HAR FEMINISTS ARE HAIRY UGLY LESZIBIANS WHO CAN'T TAKE A JOKE." That was it for me. So ever since then, I've pretty much written off the mainpage and stayed in GT. I've seen one smart, well-spoken commenter after another get run off or banned and I've learned not to get too attached. Jezebel is not a feminist blog. It is a site that uses feminism to sell pageviews. The draw has always been the commentariat, not the material, imho. So whatever the fuck happens on the mainpage...I can't really get worked up over, because it's like getting worked up over that frenemy who did yet another bitchy thing and then blamed you for her bitchassness. That's what frenemies do. I've come to expect it.

Anyways, this is all preamble to say I'm still a GTer. GT is my internet home and has been for a long freaking time. Many people have tried to create communities outside of GT but they just never seems to hold. Groupthink abides, and I'm glad to have you. You're some of the smartest, kindest, goofiest snowflakes out there.