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So. I need some Moral Support here you guise.

Update: I did not get the job. They were very nice on the phone about it. Turns out they were hiring less people then I thought anyway so eh. In better news PUPPY DAY AT LAW SCHOOL!!!! Also, I got a second interview with another office so employment hunting is still going well. Your moral support was appreciated!



So I was out of state for a job interview. This interview went as well as an intoxicated newborn kitten with a bag over its head being put in charge of a train's engineering in a major metropolitan area. I spent about an hour crying in the airport bathroom on the way home, and then spent quite a deal of money at the airport bar.

I have to call them to get their answer tomorrow. I have to call THEM. Not the other way around. I physically have to pick up the phone and dial numbers to receive what is almost definitely a rejection. I am more than aware that the answer is going to be a resounding no. Can I get some moral support from the Groupthink Community? Gifs are appreciated.

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