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So I read a bunch of the Walking Dead comics last night...

... and holy shit. I was well warned about the misogyny, though I've heard conflicting reports as to whether it's better or worse than the TV show, so I thought I went in with my loins fairly girded. But I expected it to be the kind of clueless misogyny the show is so often guilty of—gross, for sure, but not intentional and certainly not included to prove a point.

Instead, Kirkman gleefully highlights just about every misogynistic decision he makes and then uses his characters to explain why thinking that decision is misogynistic just makes you a clueless feminazi who doesn't understand how the world works. Think it's sexist that the men hunt while the women do laundry? Well, you stupid bitch, men happen to better at hunting while women are better at laundry, did you ever think of that? Have a problem with the fact that the leadership roles routinely and explicitly exclude women? The women wanted it like that, you moron, because being taken care of by men is what women are all about! How could anyone have a problem with that? And let's not forget the character who manages to be both an uptight Christian who judges people for sex outside of marriage and a radical feminazi, because those are traits that so often go together.

It's just so blatant and deliberate; it's like reading something penned by an MRA for an MRA audience. It's not just that Kirkman believes in rigid gender roles in which women are always submissive (and often crazy, drastically more so than the male characters) and that women should keep their mouths shut and know their place; it's that he can't help espousing this view over and over and over again. It's amazing in a really horrific way, and I feel like I need gallons of brain bleach to get the grossness off.

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