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So I Realized There Is a Christmas Song I Like (and other stuff too)

Tim Minchin's "White Wine in the Sun" is a great song that really captures what Christmas is for me (minus the wine).

Anyone know how to make the new post editor let you embed videos? I had to switch to the old one to post this, and the thing had trouble loading.


Thoughts on watching the Duggar family stuff, still in season one: What the crap, why would you play paintball in dresses? Seriously, let the girls wear pants for paintball at least. I kind of like cousin Amy - she wears pants and has a little snark going for her. Jim Bob doesn't seem very useful, honestly, and Michelle's voice annoys me. Pretty much what I've gathered thus far.

And, lastly, a preview for this Tuesday's Fun with Etymology post. I'm only doing one word, but it's a good one. We're going to be talking werewolves, ya'll.

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