Buster bit on of the vet techs after his surgery. The neurology center told me that it was no big deal and it’s very common for dogs to be fear aggressive after surgery, but they had to notify Animal Control because it’s the law. They said to just tell them where he was staying and that he was being quarantined.

I told the woman boarding Buster about the bite, but I didn’t think to tell her about Animal Control ... I figured she’d have dealt with them a million times before. With the holidays Animal Control didn’t call me until yesterday, and I told them exactly what the neurology center told me to say — that he was boarding and under quarantine.

But when I called the woman boarding Buster to let her know, she FREAKED. She’s not insured to take dogs with official bite histories, and she’s absolutely furious that I put her in a situation where Animal Control might come to her door about an aggressive dog.

I called Animal Control first thing this morning and said that I’d taken Buster back, so they should come to me and not the boarding place. They said that’s not a problem and they probably wouldn’t come out since the quarantine is supposed to be up tomorrow.

But the boarding place is still really angry at me, and I’ll never be able to use them again. And I have to keep Buster home when he’s still really vulnerable and I have a terrible set up to give him the kind of rest care he needs.

So I feel horrible on a couple of different fronts, and there’s nothing I can do about it. And I seriously want to just curl up into a ball and cry.