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And they are seriously AMAZING live. I like them but have never been a huge fan, and now all I want to do is download everything they've ever done. It was probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

I'm also pretty excited, because I mastered Stubhub. I wasn't planning on going to the concert, but my best friend called me yesterday morning to tell me she was coming down to go to the concert (she lives about an hour north of me). I looked at tickets on Stubhub after she called (around noon), and they were going for almost double the ticket price. Being poor, I decided I couldn't afford it and would have to miss out. On a whim, I checked Stubhub again around 4:30 pm (the concert started at seven), and the general admission lawn seats were selling for cheaper than face value. So now I know to wait until 2 hours before any desired event to buy tickets if things are sold out.

My last Mumford related bit of news has to do with my new roommate. She and her boyfriend were also attending the concert, and she told me that a bar near the venue was doing a shuttle service with free parking as long as you bought a drink or ate there before the concert. I met them there before the concert (they'd left before I bought my ticket), and we took the shuttle over together. Once my best friend arrived, I left them to meet up with her. Before I left, we decided that we'd meet back at the shuttle pick up together and she'd ride home with me, because her boyfriend had to be at work early this morning. After the concert, as I was making my way back to the shuttle pick up, I got a text from her telling me they'd already caught a shuttle and would meet me back at the bar. I was a little perturbed about this, but thought I'd just grab the next shuttle and meet them there. When I arrived at the shuttle pick up spot there was a line of around 50 people waiting. I hopped in the back of the line, now a little more angry, because they'd left me knowing I'd have to wait forever to get back to my car. She texted me a few minutes later to ask how long I was going to be, and I told her that I didn't know but there was a pretty long line. To which she responded that they were going to try to beat the traffic and just head home together, and she hoped I wouldn't have to wait to long. At this point I was near tears, because I was cold and tired and I had turned down a ride to my car from my other friends in order to meet her like we'd planned. I couldn't believe she'd just leave me to wait by myself with a bunch of drunk people. It took me almost an hour to get a shuttle back to my car, and by the time I got home she was already asleep. We weren't friends before we moved in together (I went to school with her boyfriend), so I guess I just assumed she'd be a little more concerned about my welfare than she appears to be. I'm still pretty upset about the whole situation, but is this something I'm okay to be mad about? Or am I just overreacting? What do I say to her when we see each other next?

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