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So, I Saw My Ex

And it was completely and totally pleasant and actually quite nice.

I was afraid that when I saw him I'd be like ZOMG FEELINGS. But nope. Some slight nostalgia, yeah. Plus I do still love the way he smells so that brought some memories and feelings back briefly. But I am most certainly not still in love with him, and I think seeing him was what I needed to really cement that.

It was actually a good time. We didn't hang out long because he was sick, but the time we did spend together was really nice. I think we actually do better as friends than we did in a relationship. We did touch on our relationship briefly, and he told me that he never wanted to hurt me because he does love me, but he just can't be in a relationship now. He finally admitted that he's not ok, mentally or emotionally, and he needs to take time to work on himself and his life and get on the right track before he invests in a relationship. I'm happy he's doing better.


We opened Christmas presents from his mom, and I totally stole a bag of Kit Kats that she gave him. And we played video games and bullshitted. It wasn't awkward at all and it legitimately felt like two friends hanging out as opposed to two exes.

It was nice. I'm happy it went well.

Now I will resume Pokemon and watching Click.

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