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So I spent the last two days

designing my dream home. I discovered house design software, and that was that. 48 hours gone, and I'm still not done, because it's so much fun!

Too bad it will be years and years before I can afford to build it. :(

But here is a picture!


Some things that are not clear from the picture: There will be built-in bookcases on the wall that is furthest on the left; there is a wall in between the living and bedroom areas which will have a two-way fireplace in it; the back room is a workshop/office/studio area where I can do all my crafts and projects; there will be a loft above the bathroom/workshop area, but the rest of the house is open all the way to the ceiling; there will be a huge deck, and a basement; the walls will be very thick and filled with super insulation because I want to live in chilly Alberta; there will be solar panels on the roof.

I can't wait!

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