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So I think I am taking stress leave...

So I have talked on the old groupthink about how stressful things have gotten for me at work.

I teach Grade 1, and since the end of January, I have a student who has become progressively more disruptive. The Administration has been less than useless, and one VP actively cut the knees out from under me with his incompetent handling of the situation (No consequences for any of the kid's bad/dangerous behaviour, and doing things like giving him cookies when he's in the office and in trouble.). My principal left on sick leave just as this kid's behaviour was starting to get bad, and just came back on Monday.

In 13 years of teaching, I don't think I have ever taken more than 1 sick day in a year. I have taken 4 in the month of April alone. I took today off, and am taking tomorrow off, too. I am so stressed that my jaw and my teeth hurt. I think I am grinding them in my sleep.


Monday was a total fiasco. In addition to my behaviour kid acting up, and running around the school rather than going to the office when told to (after punching a girl, threatening to kill her, and banging a boy's head into a locker), and then running away from the office when he got bored, there's also a major situation in the class next to me. There's a kid in that class who just moved to the neighbourhood last month, who is waiting for a placement in a behaviour class. Before he came to us he was a "guest" in a behaviour class somewhere else, but then his family moved, and it's too far for him to continue going to that class. He had multiple diagnoses which manifest through such behaviour as hitting, kicking, spitting, exposing himself, screaming obscenities, trashing his classroom, etc.

On Friday, and again on Monday, he went on a rampage, and his whole class evacuated, while his Special Ed Assistant stood outside his classroom door watching him through the window for her own safety. However, there is also a door going directly from his classroom to mine. A door that I cannot lock from my side of the door, only from the other side (Don't ask me, the whole school is set up that way.). And the caretaker unlocks that door every night so he can move directly from class to class while cleaning.

So both days, I ended up having to hold my classroom door shut while he tried to get inside, while simultaneously trying to keep my own class calm. On Monday while this was going on, my behaviour kid, who was supposed to be in the office, but had gotten bored, run away, and was refusing to go back, took advantage of the chaos by climbing up the frame of the bank of windows next to my door. Meanwhile, all the administrators were in a meeting.

At home Monday night, and I think I had a panic attack. I don't know, because I've never had one before, but I just lay on the couch feeling really weird, like I desperately needed to do something RIGHT NOW, but had no idea what it was.


So tomorrow, I am going to see my family Doctor again. I spoke to my shop steward tonight, and he advised me to contact my Federation Officer. She is out of the office until Friday, so I think tomorrow morning I'm going to call the Union local office to get some advice about taking stress leave.

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