My wife and I have known for a while we are going to be replacing her car this year. She has been driving a 2000 VW sedan since high school. The repair bills are starting to climb to the point of the value of the vehicle. Her car is notoriously low to the ground, and she has bumped into parking lot curbs several times. Her car stereo works sporadically. Her sun roof leaks. There is cosmetic damage. The list goes on.

I have been looking for a new car since Christmas. She has been looking for about a month. We were hoping to wait until winter was over. Hopefully we are through the last of it (ha), so the search has commenced in earnest.

My wife's main requests are fairly simple. The mileage should be in the thirties. The vehicle payments should be under $250 a month. The vehicle should (eventually) be compatible with a child seat (YEARS!). Also, her favorite color is teal.

Today, I found this.

Vroom Vroom (For some reason Kinjoblins won't let me insert an image.)

2015 Nissan Versa Note in Teal. With trade in and down payment (tax refund) we should be able to swing a monthly payment under $250. We are going to see it after work today.


Any good tactics or advise?