It's really hard to figure out when/if you're getting better as a bipolar person. On the one hand, I've only thought about killing myself once this week (yay)! But on the other hand, this could be because my thoughts are flying a mile a minute so I can't concentrate on anything long enough. Which sucks because I was supposed to have a chapter of my book written by today. I'm happy...because my mind is a blur and I'm busy. I don't think this is what happiness is supposed to be like.

But then, what is the normal range of human emotion? Am I actually happy and busy and just stressing out about my condition or is there something off about it? I'm concerned...but only mildly. After all, I've got too much going on to really care about any one thing. Except-erm- my sudden desire to have sex and go party. Which I'm not going to end up doing because I'm still a dweeb, but still.


In other news, my roommate's dog got her hair cut! So cute: