Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

How accurate is the Find My Phone app? I couldn't find my phone earlier, so I checked and saw that it was in my apartment. I mean, the checkpoint was exactly, precisely over my apartment. I went to my volunteering gig, when I got back I checked again and the checkpoint is now over the dumpster... and the trash was taken out. Is this a sure sign that my phone was in the trash (WHAT WAS IT DOING IN THE FUCKING TRASH?!), please say no. Please inform me of the abject innaccuracy you've experienced.


(Posted on twitter, too. Deal with it).

UPDATE: IT WAS IN THE RECYCLING IN A WINE CARTON, SAFE AND SOUND AND, MOSTLY IMPORTANTLY, CLEAN! And with that I am one step closer to my lifetime goal of never being in a dumpster. SCORE. I'm feeling really lucky right now, who's up for some Hold 'em?


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