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So, I threw up at work today...Yeah menses!

Anyone have any good (horrific) period stories? Any one get nausea on the first day or so of their menstrual cycle? Gross story ahead!

So, as a middle aged lady, I am pretty used to the rhythm of my periods... heavy and painful the first day or two and then lighter and tolerable the remaining three to four days. The last nine months or so have seen an improvement in the severity of my menstrual cramps and nausea symptoms due to my intake of Evening Primrose (thanks for the suggestion, naturopath!). So, this morning, on my third day, I felt pretty comfortable in using my Diva cup and going into work ie I wouldn't have to worry about dumping and cleaning the cup during the day. However, I have not found the Diva Cup to be all that comfortable for me. (I also don't like tampons either, they feel really uncomfortable to me, especially early in my cycle when I feel all swollen and bleeding heavily plus Blood Clots, which also typically occur only the first two days....). So, anyway, I want to use my Diva Cup and when I leave for work I feel fairly comfortable and confident...at about 9 15, I am really feeling like the Cup is "tugging" at my innards. I am feeling woozy and nauseous. Usually, if I haven't inserted it right I can feel it poking at my lower bits, but this, this I can feel 'inside'. I end up running to the bathroom at least two or three times, twice I threw up. It was not pretty, let me tell you. I am omitting some grosser details, but at one point, I was on the toilet and my body rejected the Cup during a bowel movement. I buy a pad from the dispenser in the bathroom. I feel better immediately (thank god for big boobz, I tucked a somewhat cleanish-bloody Diva cup into my bosom to go back to my desk). About a half an hour later, I feel that I pass a large blood clot. It is only a little bit later when I go to the bathroom that I see what my body has passed through my cervix - it's a full UTERIS SIZED BLOOD CLOT!!! Holy, Fuck. I've never passed a blood clot so large, I swear it also had Fallopian sized tube bits floating off the top (j/k, but there was definitely a shape to it..). I wasn't really in any pain (and certainly not the immobilizing type that I have experienced before...the days when I've consumed 2400 mg of ibuprofen and still couldn't function due to pain) so the onset of vomiting on a 'non-traditional' vomiting day was surprising. And by 11 am, I was fine. Fuck.

Anyway, I had to share my gross body fluid story, what is yours?

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