Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I walked into a metal outdoor table tonight...

It made a very comically-satisfying *THWONG* that reverberated for a solid 2 seconds. My shins were not in on the joke, however.


It was actually like 15 minutes ago. I had to drive back to the lab in the pouring rain to fix cells in glutaraldehyde at a certain timepoint for an experiment. On my way out, I had my umbrella out, but the wind was blowing it so that it was flat against the front of my body, and I couldn't see a thing. So around the building I work in, they have some of those all-metal outdoor tables with the seats integrated into it. I walked into the seat part, which has all these grooves in it that make it great for vibrating freely. Hurt like hell though.

The fucking things I do for cancer, man...

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