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Any Tips for Learning a New Language?

When I was 16, I went on an exchange to Quebec and I came back knowing some very basic conversational French. Certainly more than I knew before I left, even though I did technically learn French throughout Canadian high school and elementary, but the teachers weren't exactly on their game with it and it was a bit of a joke portion of our lessons.

But it's pretty much all gone. So I wanted to know if anyone had recommendations for how they've managed to learn a language without emersion in a French-speaking community or classes.


My plan so far includes:

- Memrise, mostly for vocab purposes.

- Taking out French books (mostly kid's books for now) to start trying to read them.

- Watching French TV.

For the last one, I'd need some recommendations on a good place to start — especially for, say, kid's cartoons or something where the language would be easier.


Would people recommend software like Rosetta Stone, or activity books for kids?

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