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I am officially burnt out. I’m tired of managing people, I’m tired of the lip service to company culture and values yet the most important thing is how much money we’re making, I’m tired of incompetent men being put in charge of our department and failing their way up.

I would like to do something completely different, and it would be nice if it was halfway creative, as I have never gotten to really flex my creative muscles as work. But I kinda don’t know where to go from here. In another reality I probably would’ve been a screenwriter, but I don’t live I. NY or LA, and frankly I don’t think I am ambitious enough to be in showbiz. And I am pretty sure i will be more successful if I have a good idea of what I want to do, or at least what industry.

So, like, are there grown up versions of those tests we did in high school to figure out what job we are suited for? Are those things even accurate or helpful? Have you ever completely switched industries? Was it on purpose or on accident?


I think I need to start with some concrete steps, but no clue where to start!

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