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So, I watched that TLC MY FIVE WIVES show

Annnnnnddddd now I want to kill people.

Not really, just some people. Like this Brady person, and that Kody person, and that Warren guy. I get it. They have every right to choose their life as they wish. Consenting adults, know one is hurt, yada yada. But. Watching this shit show (much like Sister Wives) I got the real sense that irregardless of how the Williams family follows Buddhism now, the wives entered this relationship under a religious pretext that supports polygamy and now they are stuck. These wives seem to really not like each other. The link I provided has comments that point out that these sister wives are more honest with one another than the Brown family. I got the opposite impression while watching. If anything, I felt that wife #1 resented EVERYONE, and wife #4 unfairly compares herself to her thinner counter parts. I also hated that whole scene where the husband approached her about her weight. Just yuck.

Just my thoughts on a highly edited TLC show on my rather boring Tuesday afternoon. Your thoughts, Jezeverse?

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