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Grad School Professor Sucks

So I wrote something earlier and it was just too damn long.

Anyway, I needed a letter of rec from a professor in my previous department (the one I left recently). This old department has beliefs about the education system that I do not agree with entirely because this department is truly for teachers coming back to become professors, which I am not. I switched to a more flexible department who looks at education differently and I am much happier.

Anyway, I spoke with this professor and as soon as I said I left, they brought up the old conversation we had about why I never became a teacher (I'm introverted and a misanthrope mostly) and I let this professor know then that that is a hard job that I don't take lightly, I would never try to become a teacher because children deserve teachers who care. Nevertheless, my interests in education has nothing to do with pedagogy and language.


This professor then goes on to say in our current conversation, that I "need to get some counseling because something must have happened in my life for me to not like people" WTF? O_o. I laughed and this professor said they were serious and said I lack "leadership qualities."

You know, I was about to tell this professor that your students lack little leadership qualities since I have helped out many of your damn students because you know nothing! And by the way, if you want to stick up for your friend (my old advisor), then do it with fucking respect to me because I have showed both you and that advisor nothing but respect. Fuck this professor man. I was pissed. In the end all I was doing was this.

Now, of course I am not using this dipshit-asshat-fuckclown's letter, and I don't want to be an ass. How do I nicely tell this person to fuck off and that I'll no longer need your letter?


I am so glad I left that place, they are all looney tunes.

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