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So: If Not Kinja, Where To Next? [Updated]

Hi everyone. I think a lot of us are thinking the same thing now, so I thought I’d make a post. Kinja is not long for this world, and if it is, I don’t want to gain them pageviews by posting witty comments on the mainpage.

What other blogs and sites do you guys comment on? If you decided to leave Kinja, where could people always find you? Is it just finally time for me to hop on the Twitter and IG bandwagon?


ETA: This same convo is happening on Clashtalk.

ETA2: Summary of comments: Kinja isn’t going anywhere overnight. Most people are mad at GM and disagree with editorial but want to stay. Some people pointed out that early FB group spinoff was a mistake. Some people pointed to potential viability of a private subreddit. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

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