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So I'm Getting Nexplanon

I thought I wanted an IUD but after chit chatting with the very nice lady gyno, I'm going with the rod under my arm skin. YARGH. But I think that freaks me out considerably less than having them dilate my cervix. The doctor said that if you're not used to painful period cramps (I'm not-I rarely get cramps) and if you haven't had kids before (I haven't) the insertion can be really painful. ETA: It can be painful. Obviously everyone is different but for me, I'd rather have a jab and soreness in my arm than a jab and cramps in my vagina.

She did answer all my queries about the IUDs though. There is little risk of keloid scarring because the IUD doesn't injure the uterus in the ways that cause keloids. She also said that even though I had an adverse reaction to the NuvaRing, since I had it so long ago she said it's hard to know how the hormones in the rod will affect me until it goes in so we'll see. I told her about fearing the keloid scar with the nexplanon and she said the incision is so small and under my arm that it won't be noticeable.


I ended up choosing the Nexplanon because it lasts three years, the insertion is easier than an IUD, my periods will probably go away, and I'll have the comfort of not having to shove my hand up my vagina to check to see if it's still there.

I'm also getting my first PAP test and annual exam in about 5 years. I know I know but I never noticed anything out of order with my vagina or my boobs so I just let it be. I'm seeing the same doctor who talked to me about the Nexplanon because she was awesome. She's inserting it the weekend after next and I'll be sure to TMI that experience for everyone here.

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