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So I'm getting what I want, and how do I respond?

Remember when I said I wanted someone to let me come over and dance the lambada on their naughty bits? Remember when I had that awesome date and made out with that guy and I was bold like this:


It's really unusual for me.

So tonight he texted me and asked me to come over. Well, I wanted to be like this:

This image was lost some time after publication.

But instead I was like this:


Turns out I'm a bigger mess than I thought. Turns out I like this guy more than I expected to like a potential sex partner and now I'm worried about someone getting their feelings hurt. Turns out I still have issues surrounding my assault and jumping into bed with someone new. Also I have to be up super early so it wouldn't have worked tonight anyway. So I said not tonight.

Then I told my friends and they were all:


So then I texted him like this:


But then he was all:


Since I said no earlier, he'd decided to do some chores. He was nice about it though. And next week? We're going to try to get together when i'm feeling more confident.

Ah twenty-something-ness.


It's nice to find someone who understands my awkward and shy. XD

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