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I just received an email from the National Mill Dog Rescue, which is based in Colorado Springs.

Dear Friends and Supporters;

The Black Forest fire, located near Colorado Springs, began on June 11th and continues to burn. At least 360 homes have been destroyed so far including the home of Theresa & Rich Strader and their daughters. Theresa is the founder of National Mill Dog Rescue. She is the reason more than 7700 dogs have been rescued from puppy mills during the past 6 years. The Strader home was the original home of NMDR and their beloved dog, Lily. We are collecting donations to help the family get back on their feet and begin to rebuild their lives again.

As someone who doesn't live an extravagant lifestyle, it's difficult for Theresa to accept help and donations from others, usually she is the one giving the help. It is important to Theresa that everyone realize there are many families other than her own who have been displaced and affected by the fire, including several devoted NMDR volunteers who still do not know the fate of their homes. Helping the Strader family get back on their feet will allow Theresa to help others. It is important to Theresa to pay forward the kindness which she receives. That's not too surprising, it's just her nature.


I've typed up a response, and I'd like some feed back to see if I'm overreacting, because I find the received email kind of gross.

To whom it may concern,

The Black Forest Fire is a terrible tragedy, which continues to unfold before us. I am so sorry to hear that Theresa’s Strader’s home was one of the many that were engulfed in the flames.

However, I find the use of the National Mill Dog mailing list to elicit donations for one family a bit unsavory. Like you said, more than 360 homes have been lost, and focusing on one person in this crisis, however good that person may be, seems a bit self-serving. The mailing list for the National Mill Dog Rescue has access to hundreds, if not thousands of people who are interested in good causes, and I am one of those people. Instead of focusing on trying to drum up funds for Ms. Strader (even with the caveat that if you donate to her then she will be able to help others), why don’t you help set up a fund to help victims of the fire in general.

In short, it seems unfair that through you, Ms. Strader is able to access a HUGE network of kind people, while others with fewer resources are suffering just as much as she. I understand that she does wonderful things, and I fully support the National Mill Dog Rescue. But, I would be much happier if this email was focusing on the many animals or people that need help, instead of just one.


Should I send out this email, or just let it be?

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