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So yeah. Late on this. Sorry about that. Didn't have the posting privileges then, and I brought it up and there was some interest, and it's just so ranty and good. And we seem to be talking about that whole "safe, legal, and rare" thing and you know what? Abortion should just be safe and legal. Let it be as rare or common as whatever. Why the hell should anybody care or judge. Think it should be rare? I think you should keep your thoughts out of people's hoo-hahs.


Anyway, on to this old rant. Slightly edited from its original form because there was a bit of me in it that I just don't share in my SaintRidley persona.

And here Rick Perry unwittingly abandons all pretense that SB 5 has anything to do with safety standards at women's clinics, with helping women, and the other one, and provides both the perfect example to illustrate mansplaining (I know Wendy Davis's story better than she does, so let me tell you it to serve my agenda rather than let her tell you and what it means to her, since she's wrong about what it should mean to her) and proof that it's really all about forcing women to go along with the tenets of Perry's particular brand of Christianity, whether they subscribe to it or not. All because Rick's feelings get hurt when people do things that he doesn't agree with and has decided have a moral dimension.

Well, Rick is a man and lacks the biological apparatus to become pregnant. And you know what, that's okay. But that doesn't really mean anything here. I could pull a cisman out of my PhD program and with 99% certainty I could guarantee that unlike Rick he would trust women who do have the biological apparatus to have much more informed opinions about how their bodies function. I can agree with Rick that his religion ascribes a moral dimension to the issue of abortion and its legality. However, unlike Rick's religion, I don't. The legality of abortion has zero moral or ethical dimension to me. Whether it is or isn't a life should not matter if it's not viable, or it's killing you, or it was forced upon you, or you are opposed to having children at all, or you are economically incapable of providing the child a decent life (adoption? I think we should try getting kids in the system adopted before we put more in the system).

What does legal abortion do? It means women can have the procedure done in a safe environment. It means that fewer unwanted children are born into poverty. If you are opposed to abortion and abortion is legal, what it does to you is this: bupkis. You'll keep going on and not having abortions, and that's fine, while anyone who needs or wants one can go out and have one, which is also fine. It's kind of like gay rights that way: letting abortion be legal and gay marriage be legal does not force anybody to get an abortion or go marry the next person of the same sex they see, and just because gay people and abortions make your god get a little happy with the smitings does not provide sufficient reason to go against it. Especially when, like Rick Perry, you call yourself pro-life and say that no life is trivial in your god's eyes, but you say so right after your state performs its 500th execution in thirty years and your political party is working its ass off to tear down every remaining bit of the social safety net so that those whose situations are difficult have a more difficult time of it. How can you call yourself pro-life when everything you do undermines life? Indeed, if abortion were illegal, abortions would still happen, and they would be much more lethal. Legal abortion saves lives. So I guess I was wrong when I said the legality of abortion had no moral or ethical dimension to me; it actually has a strongly positive one.

And that's without even touching bodily autonomy - living or not, nothing gets to hijack my body, and I would do everything I could to get rid of the unchosen, unwanted, parasitic invader. Note the word choice - if you come into my body without my permission, you don't get to stay. Of course, if I invited you into my body and said "You can crash here for nine months, just open the stomach for some food - I really don't need all of it - and just pull the umbilical cord or kick the walls if you need anything - just don't trash the place because I would just die if the neighbors saw this place turned into a wreck," then yeah, you could stay. Because I wanted you there. I chose to let you in. Because you aren't wrecking the place. Because after nine months I'll have decided I want to keep you around and that you should be part of the family, or that there are these wonderful people who want you to be part of their family, or that I just really want to eat a placenta and this is the easiest way I can think of to do it; who knows, the reasons abound. And I expect many women feel similarly. Sure, I could keep every hijacker who wants to hitch a ride in my body. But I don't want to. Good on you if you do and you keep or put it up for adoption or just really want some nice juicy placenta or whatever, but don't make me do it too, because your rights end before they can touch my body and you don't get to tell people what to do with their bodies.

So here's a great big fuck you to Rick Perry, the man who cannot count to three and the Texas GOP's answer to who to run for Governor when George W. Bush is too intellectual for the party. Also, here's a great big round of applause to Wendy Davis, who gave a thirteen hour filibuster (instead of just threatening one on nearly every vote in order to force the Senate into requiring a de facto 60 votes to ever do anything, like the Senate Republicans have done going for 6+ years now) in which she actually provided relevant information and statistics which would, when dealing with reasonable people instead of a group interested only in inscribing their theology into law, have elicited a change of mind in enough people to prevent the bill passing anyway. And that's the condensed version of my response to this video and the decision to open a second special session just to force this bill through despite the filibuster, the fact that the Texas GOP simply said "Fuck rules, we're doing this" (and still failed, but not without trying to turn their failure into a victory by lying and editing the website to make it look like they had succeeded), and the fact that eight in ten Texans said that the first special session (which ended with the filibuster) should have focused on jobs, education, and the economy and not on abortion.

And seriously, look at the things that were cited as rules violations against the filibuster Wendy pulled off - the back brace because it was considered cheating, talking about mandatory ultrasound bills regulating abortion that have been put up to vote in the past to provide context for the current debate because apparently they're off topic (because the word ultrasound doesn't appear in SB 5), and mentioning Planned Parenthood (which surely has nothing to do with a bill that would shut down all but five clinics which provide abortions in the state). Weak shit, Texas GOP.


End old rant. I get to do my FERPA training now before I go to bed. Tomorrow I get to find out when I have to sign up for my sexual harassment training (prevention - it would be really weird if they taught us how to sexually harass). Yaaaaaaaaay.

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