I have been so swamped with getting ready over the last week that I haven't even opened my computer in 4 days - and I've barely typed at all since my bridesmaids talked me into these ridiculous gel nails. What are these things on my fingers?!?!?

But we spent all day yesterday getting the hall ready and, honestly guys, it looks exactly like I pictured it. And now I am in our beautiful hotel room, my fiance is still asleep because he's a calm muthafucker, and I'm sitting around killing time until we can GET THIS BALL ROLLING.

I just cannot believe that this thing that has been so far off and in the distance and just an abstract idea is now going down TONIGHT.

I think I'm going to get my photographer to take a picture of me with my face obscured, because I want to share my dress and hair with GT because it is SO AMAZING.


Anyway, I just had to post this here, because I'm doing the "jumping up and down" inside, and my fiance is snoring...