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So I'm not missing

I’m on my Kindle so forgive typos. I have a new job, where they like make me do work? God thatthat’s kinjA time. A list:

-my 19 year old brother came out on Sunday! I’ve suspected since he was 5 but yay for him! Yay for my parents who are handling it much better than I anticipated. We met his boyfriend. He’s ....nice. This is his first boyfriend and hhe’s only 19! Boyfriend is 23! I feel like that’s a big age difference. Also boyfriend is a bro. Like just very bro. I will cut him if he breaks my brothers heart.

-Work is crazy right now. Oh and my new boss lives minutes away just relocated here and wants new BfF. Um you’re my boss not my bestie. Oh and I know way too much about her life.


-need cat toy suggestions for two confined cats during the day. They chew wires or else they’d have the whole place.

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