Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I know that's shocking right? I don't think we have enough in common, which isn't just an age thing. While I don't like dancing monkey dudes, I do want someone I can really engage in great conversations. Maybe he's really reserved, or maybe he's kind of shy, or maybe we just have nothing to talk about. Whatever it is, it's not flowing. He's also silent when it comes to the sexy stuff...like...not a sound out of him, which I don't really dig. I like some kind of feedback, whether it's words...or you know...just being expressive. If I don't get that, it's hard for me to talk about what I want and need. I realize this may have something to do with his age and experience, but I'm not feeling everything else strongly enough to want to work on that.

When it comes to dating, I'm either in or out. There's chemistry or there's not. If there's really good chemistry, I'm definitely willing to work on a relationship, but if there isn't, or it's unclear, I'm not really a "stick around to see if gets better" person, particularly right now. I have SO much else going on that I feel like don't have any extra energy to invest in something unless I'm really getting a lot back out of it. Unfortunately, he seems to be turning into one more thing that's draining my battery.


So we'll see. I'll give it a little more time, and talk to him about it, but I'm feeling the end is nigh.

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