Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I'm still bleeding (TMI) Plus Shitty Dr. Advice?

Except from the vagina! So, as some of you may remember I've been on my period about three weeks before April 3. Well, I never stopped bleeding. I have literally been bleeding since March. So I made another post a few days later on my shitty doctor. So, I tried getting into a really good doctor, and I can't get in until July 31. Now, I'm seeing another doctor next week. But my question is this; How do I bring it to anyone's attention that this stupid moron doctor thinks it is acceptable for me to bleed for over two months because she basically discriminated against me because I'm fat, and refused to do anything else for me beyond an ultrasound? I'm pissed. This is unacceptable. Why does that fucking bitch think I don't deserve proper healthcare?


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