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So I'm thinking of applying for a job at a prison

Minimum security, but still. A prison.

I am thoroughly qualified for the position, and I think it would be enjoyable and challenging and all that good stuff. A step up from my current position in a lot of ways, for sure. But...do I really want to work at a prison? (To clarify, this would not be in corrections or anything. Similar to what I do now, but better.)

I figure I can apply and if I get an interview, it’s at least a good experience and I might learn something - as with any job interview that may not necessarily lead to an offer of employment. I don’t know if they’d even give me the job though. Like I said, I’m qualified, but I don’t know if a girl in her mid-20s is who they have in mind for this particular gig...


And of course there’s the whole thing where my family would lose their shit over it (not that their opinions have much, if any, weight on my decisions).

As always, life coaching appreciated.

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