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SO, In case this is actually an issue, I apologize

I've been posting under this name and avatar for a couple of years now. I've been on Jezebel since 2007. Not sure when I picked the picture, but it's at least four years old. My name's at least three. But.

I got told today that my avatar and name were offensive. The avatar, because there's a gold five-pointed star on top of Buffy, and since Sarah Michelle Gellar is Jewish it reminded this person of Nazi Germany's persecution where Jews were made to wear gold six-pointed Stars of David. Alas, Kinja will not let me change my posting avatar, even though on my personal blog the avatar was changed about a week ago for an unrelated reason. So I'm sorry if this avatar does actually cause offense. But Kinja's not letting me do anything about it, so I'm not sure what I can do. It should have been changed already, and I don't even have the file for my current avatar anymore. For what it's worth, the avatar originated from the old gold star system Gawker Media websites used to employ, and I made my gold star "permanent" when they changed the system, if anyone's wondering why I had a star on this avatar in the first place. Any accidental allusions to Nazism were unintentional - relatives of mine died trying to defeat that regime.


As for my name, I'm told by the same poster that it is also offensive to Ms. Gellar. The name refers to an old SNL sketch featuring Jane Curtin and Dan Ackroyd, which was a joke on sexism in the media at the time, and how women's opinions got dismissed out of hand.

I'm looking for honest feedback on the name issue. From my perspective, the name has its own clear cultural reference which does not reflect back on Sarah Michelle Gellar or Buffy in any way. I also feel like, as a woman, I can claim the word "slut" if I want to. I've certainly been called that enough in my life. It's my way of poking fun at myself, and the people who've used it to hurt me.

But if the name is actually offensive to people, I'll consider changing it. I'd just like to hear why - the only other time someone has told me it was offensive is when they mistakenly thought it referred to Charlie Jane Anders, an io9 writer (who gets the reference, if her past recommends to my comments are any metric to judge by).

Finally, this poster today seemed to imply that here on Groupthink we mock Buffy/SMG in.... ways. I honestly don't know what she was getting at. Possibly antisemitic? Anyone have any clue what that could be about? Because I'm stumped.


Update: Thank you all for the reassurances. I feel sane again.

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