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So, in Houston... (Morning Open Post)

Some dude decided to shut down I-45. To propose marriage.

According to Houston local news media:

Vidal Valladares, 24, has been charged with obstruction of a highway, a misdemeanor, for shutting down I-45 on Sunday to propose to his girlfriend, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office said. The misdemeanor is punishable by up to six months in jail.


And then there was this lovely interview excerpt:

According to the Chron, traffic was stopped for “about 35 seconds,” while Valladares — a “hopeless romantic” — got down on bended knee.

“I never really thought about causing an accident,” Valladares told the paper. “I thought about my girlfriend.”

But, the Houston Press had the best take of all:

KTRK cranked up the corniness by reporting, “They’re planning their wedding for March. For now, it’s a match made in Houston, right in the middle of I-45.”

No, it’s not. It’s a match made in Douchetopia, orchestrated by Satan, with an audience of unwitting drivers whose lives came to a grinding halt after smashing into this wall of malignant narcissism.


With this all in mind. I ask this question:

What is the stupidest thing you or someone you know, has done in the name of love?


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