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So inane, much chatter.(Sadness TW re: Lizzie Seeberg)

This will be me, this weekend! UncleKim and I are taking the youngest 'Ye on a thinly disguised, sorely needed weekend away at the beach college visit. We haven't had much of a break around here and are in serious, dire even, need.

I think I'm psyched about her choice of major (a 5yr Masters program in Maritime Administration - she digs business & logistics) as much for the logical coolness (is that a thing? do the Germans have a word for it?) as I am that it pretty much means I'll have a reason to go to the beach, all the time, anytime.


So anyway, for the same price as a mid-level Courtyard-ish hotel in town I found this place:

with tiny rooms, but access to a real beach, not just Galveston's seawall.

So we head out Saturday morning and I'll have shrimp on my plate and a drink in my hand by 6pm. Yay!


Then in other good news, I'll finally get my car back after it having been in the body shop for a pretty irritating 2 1/2 weeks (was supposed to be four days). So I have more shrimp & cocktail money in the budget because it's so good on gas. Inane? Me? You betcha!


So that brings us to why I've been scarce: I have a cold that is killing me, I'm pretty sure. No. Really. Ok, it's not, but it feeeeeeels like it is. So after two weeks of ridiculous misery I finally broke down and took ALL THE DRUGS and feel a bit like this well put-together lady today.


By the way, Daughter stuff is just sort of ongoing. Like it's just a part of our lives now. Which of course, it is. :\ She feels like her PTSD is at a more manageable level on campus, so that's awesome. But in terribly sober news, could y'all take a moment to remember Lizzie Seeberg? The anniversary of her death was last week, and something I just couldn't post about at the time.

So today this is on my agenda:



which we'll eat with these adorable spoons we rec'd as a gift last year (I just want someone to squee over my cute spoons):

And I'll make this (easiest french bread recipe ever, I open the oven about 3/4 of the way through and rub the loaves down with butter, because yum) and it's POURING rain in drought-stricken western Texas, so it's the perfect day, basically.


And in conclusion, if you've forgotten, mayonnaise instead of butter for your future grilled-cheese pursuits. (Even if you don't like mayo. I swear.)(Please disregard the 15yo plastic picnic plate which I still use for some reason.)


(Could you tell the antihistamines maybe amp me up, just a little?)

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