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So...is Jez just making fun of trigger warnings now?

So on this week's Ask a Clean Person article about bug infestations, there's a massive TRIGGER WARNING attached to the headline. Given Jessica Coen's stated distaste for and policy against trigger warnings, I don't see much explanation except that Jez is just trolling people that do believe in them. I'm not even saying that Jez has some obligation to include trigger warnings or that a policy against them is necessarily anti-feminist, but making fun of people that care about not triggering others? Sounds fairly anti-feminist to me, but then they wouldn't be a Gawker site if they didn't engage in their share of anti-feminism.


ETA in lieu of responding to everyone with the same thing:

1. There very well may not be a sinister or mean reason for this.

2. I'm feeling rather rage-y today (damn you Hugo) so maybe I'm being overly sensitive.

3. That being said, Jez has done some pretty shitty things and I don't think they're automatically entitled to the benefit of the doubt.

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