I need advice on rehoming a pet. Specifically, this pet:

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to tell you about my slightly less famous literary cat, Bradbury.


Approximately 8 years old, approximately 14 pounds (I think a good five pounds is in fluff alone), good ol’ American cat-mutt, but when I’ve searched his markings and behavior patterns, he is closest to the Chantilly. Don’t know what a Chantilly is? Please allow this adorable Animal Planet segment to educate and delight you:

Bradbury really is kind of the shit, whether it’s to play adorable on film:


Take naps like a champ:

Cuddle with his human:


Or silently judge you, and everyone around you:

Like I said, this cat is pretty awesome in the extreme.

Which is what makes this horribly hard. I have been working with Brad and my vet for several months to mitigate and correct several behavioral issues that have cropped up seemingly out of nowhere. I’m not really interested in discussing any aspects of the stress we’ve all gone through trying to make a happy home for Bradbury through the human upheaval that’s been going on in my life, because it simply comes down to this: I have had eight amazing years with this stupidly cool cat, but I cannot give him the attention he needs and deserves in a human. Brad really needs a hell of a lot more social interaction (both human and animal) than either Salinger or I can reasonably give, despite constant effort over the years, and especially in the last six months. Now that my circumstances have changed such that I will be doing a lot more traveling (with Salinger coming with me as a therapy animal), it is overwhelmingly obvious that it is more irresponsible to keep Bradbury than to find him the best home possible for the rest of his life.


So I am now looking for where that right abode may be. Brad is really great with humans of all sizes, a little bit shy for the first 30 seconds, but then turns into the BIGGEST cuddle monster you’ve ever seen. He is mellow around babies and young children, has been hand raised since a kitten, loves catnip toys (he can amuse himself for hours, given enough catnip - like so many of us), and is happiest when he can curl up on you or next to you. He only has four teeth left, due to severe stomatitis when he was a kitten, but it’s never impeded his overall health and he eats like a pig. Seriously. That is a warning: this cat never stops eating. It is almost impressive. Almost.

I really want to be personally involved in rehoming Bradbury and I’m loathe to go through a cat rescue, although I did leave a message for the shelter from which I originally adopted him, out of respect for their mission. Anyone ever had a rehome a pet? How did you go about it? I’m so depressed about having to do this, but it must be done.

Finally - anyone want a fucking awesome cat?