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On the weekend, ASiL put a facebook event up for ABiL's birthday. I first heard about it from a friend, who was invited hours before we were. Made me wonder if we were being left off the guest list again. I don't care, but Mr. Ivriniel was a little hurt when he was excluded last year.

Anyways, eventually we got the invite. In the "About" section, ASiL said

"Sorry about the staggered invites. I had to set this up around my work schedule." Which struck me as an odd comment to make, and an even odder excuse. If she hadn't said anything, then most people wouldn't have known there were staggered invites, and really how long does it take to invite 40 people to a Facebook event?


Anyways, I just figured out why our invite came hours later. It seems that back in Dec. after I hung up the phone on ASiL after she tried to concern troll Mr. I, she defriended us both. ABiL had to be the one to invite us, and I guess he wasn't around when she created the event. This means that she has now defriended her husband's entire family. Nice. Also my FiL's girlfriend.

Guess this means the next time I create a Facebook event, we just won't be able to invite her at all. Darn it! And I shall miss all her vague posting/fishing for sympathy comments.

On a semi related note, assuming she was telling the truth to my MiL when she told her she had to go for a baseline mammogram (her Mom had breast cancer) it would seem that she is not currently pregnant. However, she keeps dropping hints to my MiL that she is having Doctor's appointments, and then won't say what they are for. She has been having multiple appointments in a week, which to me implies that perhaps she might be seeing a fertility Doctor.

Would explain their sudden desperation to get a bigger house.

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