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So it seems like the Splinter commentariat *really* hates women

So I clicked on their review of “What Happened” (apparently I hate myself) expecting to see a bunch of anti-Hillary negativity, but I was surprised by the violence of it. In addition to a bunch of calls for her to shut-up and go away, there are calls for her to be imprisoned and debates on what kind of imprisonment would be best. There’s also the memorable “fuck Hillary Clinton with a rusty wire hanger” (How is this not an abusive comment?) Okay...

So then I clicked on the “problem with how men understand rape” article. Wow...

According to Dodai:

Splinter offers a sharp point of view, delivering news coverage for a new America: justice-minded, inclusive, and incisive. We believe in telling the truth about outdated institutions and calling out injustices when we see them.

Our mission involves amplifying underrepresented voices, shining a light on systemic inequality, and skewering politicians when necessary. Splinter contextualizes current events, challenges archaic establishments, and champions the historically oppressed.


How could a site with such a mission miss feminism so completely? Is the current ‘progressive’ movement completely divorced form any acknowledgement of patriarchy?

Why is there no effort to address sexism in their approved commenters? Why does this go unaddressed?

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