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So it's been exactly a year since my boyfriend came into my life

(LOTS OF RAMBLING AHEAD.) 365 days later, and I've changed so much since then—in a good way, of course! Well I haven't changed because of him, necessarily, but my life is completely different than 365 days ago, you know? And he's definitely been a part of the reason why.

I've mentioned it before, but the way I met my boyfriend is really just by complete randomness. He added me as a Facebook friend despite the fact that I had never met him and that we didn't have mutual friends. I usually decline invites like this, but I saw that a) he went to the same university as me, b) we liked a lot of the same music and movies and whatnot (which was why he added me in the first place), and c) he majored in the field that my dad works in. So I gave it a shot, added him, and I guess the rest is history.

It's just kinda weird to think how some things really happen by chance. On that weekend before I "met" my boyfriend, I had slept over this guy's place. This guy was someone who I had had a crush on for about 1.5 years, but our mutual crush would never lead us anywhere. He talked the talk but didn't walk the walk, you know? I only saw him like once a month, at his convenience (I'm rolling my eyes at my past self for being so stupid). It was just hopeless and dumb, yet I held onto my "relationship" with him because I was lonely and had gone all throughout college without any luck in dating or having a relationship. I know, I sound like I was desperate, but I've always been really thankful of my independence despite having been perpetually single.


Anyway, it's just kinda funny because I remember being all dissapointed after that weekend and feeling like I had to just give up on this guy. And next thing I know, a couple days later, I come across my future boyfriend!

I appreciate and love my boyfriend so much. He's not perfect, but he's always been really kind and understanding of me. He treats me well and is always supportive of me. And we both give each other plenty of space, which really helps us since we're both pretty independent. I'm really happy about where I am in my life right now, and I'm happy that I met him, even if it was under unusual and slightly-embarrassing circumstances. His birthday is in a few days, and I'm excited to celebrate with him :)

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