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So it's Mon-- erm, Tuesday. Let's have an open thread!!

Weekend wrap up!

One ofmy bffs came in to visit from the Chi (she’s from here in CLE though), so Friday we crashed at our other bff’s house. It was awesome and we drank a little more than we should have, and the hosting bff’s youngest son fell in love with Chi bff and it was adorbs!!! (He laid in the middle of the floor and cried her name when we went home Saturday morning hahaha).

Saturday during the day I loitered and chilled around my house and got new tires. I also found out that the family that lives across the street from us (who we are very close to, long story) are waiting for the passing of the matriarch of their family. She’s been in hospice for a bit now and this is the final countdown, so we have been checking on them to see how they are all holding up (it’s a big family) and me, my mom and my sis are planning to make some food and stuff for them to take off some of the weight on their shoulders once she goes because I know it will be bad. This is their mom’s mom, and there are a lot of relatives so... it’s a big deal. I already told them I’ve got a bottle on deck for when they get the news.


Sunday was a fun chill day, the bff and Chi bff went to bff’s parents’ place for a cookout, and it was so nice to just laugh and chill and have a good time (and the food made me happy).

Monday was more chilling and relaxing and prepping for my week. And that’s really about it. And my Passion Planner is coming today (they had a 50% off flash sale of all the 2015 calendars) and I have planner stickers coming, and I have washi and fun shit for it. I’m also going to start journaling my workouts and fitness stuff as I get ready to prep for the Cleveland marathon (but I’m only doing the half haha).

So, how were your weekends? leave all fun things here!

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