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So I've done a thing... (warning - farm stuff)

I have survived four months in the middle of nowhere, working as a farmhand on a sheep (wool) station to get my shiny new visa for Australia - a profound sense of irony where the founders of a penal colony are forced to do physical labour to remain in said former penal colony. Now I can drive a tractor, build a fence, ride a motorbike, hold a quad bike in a 4 wheel slide, shear a sheep (really badly) and castrate a lamb (pretty necessary unless you REALLY want two headed sheep).

This update was supposed to be done about 2 weeks ago, however, due to a combination of a broken laptop, broken phone with all the pictures on it, getting a much needed haircut, and being pretty much trousered since I've been back in Sydney, there's been a slight delay...

So... here's some pictures of the months in isolation:

Late evening Lamb marking.


This is ONE paddock:

Playing in the waterfall on the property with my fellow "pommie":


Playing Taxi for Houdini sheep that decided to go walkabout on a neighbour's property:


The obligatory "Kangaroo running away" shot


"This is how we fix stuff in the bush hyuk hyuk"


And finally, the "crack open the beers mate and watch the sunset" on a Friday pic:


Now to get a job and adult again.

On a completely different note, I was told in an interview today "So you'd be working for a woman, are you OK with that?"


Me: "Erm... why wouldn't I be?"

Interviewer: "Well some men don't like it."

Me: "Yep, but they're dickheads"

Guess I'd better keep hunting then!

Anyway, nice to be back!

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