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So I've got this kiddo at Navy boot camp...

And today I rec'd a letter (yes, letter - actual letters, like with stamps, they're weird) informing me that he'll probably get the job he wanted (he's going into the nuke program, and will run an onboard reactor rather than act as a nuclear wrench-monkey) AND that his first choice for his first duty station would be in Japan. I mean, the odds of him getting his first choice are slim, what with the final say being "the needs of the Navy" and whatnot...

But we live in this teeeeeensy-tiny little landlocked town in BF, TX, were nothing short of devastated when it became clear he would not be *cough*passing*cough going back to college last year, and now this. Listen, I was the flat freaking LAST person who should have a kid in the service, but my gods, I'm so proud of him I could burst. Makes me want to go to WalMart and buy some 'merican flag tshirts and bikinis and such.


Also... this all means another year and a half of school (an MIT designed program, which is pretty fucking cool) before he goes into the fleet. So yessss, I'm definitely happy about that, too.

Just a good day, y'all. USA USA USA... uh, I'll stop now.

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