I just figured I'd been greyed, but no, none of my comments show up unless I'm directly replying to someone else (and at that point I guess they show up because I'm commenting on that person's Kinja account).

I was also going to keep quiet about this side of things, but fuck it: Erin Gloria Ryan was "daring" people on Twitter to contact her via e-mail to "truly" engage with her. So I did. I tried to remain polite, but I asked her point-blank about her editing her post and then claiming she hadn't, and about a few other things.

I won't go into the specifics, but essentially she was condescending, rude and evasive. And it resulted in her announcing that I was a shitty writer and she was too busy and important to continue speaking with me.

Look: I'm pissed. I know I've had a few run-ins with Jez writers in the past, but I don't think I've said or done anything hateful. Effectively Erin argued that a great deal of the negative backlash was due to me, which is just straight-up horseshit.

I'm obviously very sad, but at the same time I'm angry that I've been reading and commenting on this site for years and a small amount of frankly deserved criticism gets me banned. Not to mention โ€” let's lay the cards on the table here โ€” the numerous 30,000+ view posts I've written that they've mainpaged and profited from.


I know I've discussed a few of these incidents before, and I know in the past I've blown them out of proportion, but this feels like an over-the-top reaction to what was a fairly reasonable objection.

I don't know โ€” feel free to put me in my place, but I'm upset.