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And could use advice.

Basically, for at least the past week and a half, the same guy has been in my subway car on my commute home. I take two different trains to get home, and he's been on both of them with me, in the same car, every day.

At first, I figured it was a coincidence. He's always nicely dressed in a business-style outfit and is pretty clean cut, and doesn't come off as threatening. I first noticed him because he's very tall - like six foot five or so. Since he looked professional and I always leave my office right at five, I figured we were just on the same schedule and had the same train habit (when I get to the platform, I always walk as far down as I can get before the train comes). And on the second train, he always gets off two stops before me, so it's not like he's following me home.


But today, I decided to switch up my routine and got to the subway closer to 5:15. I saw him waiting for the train on the other side of the turnstiles, and thought cool, I'll walk past him and we won't be on the same car. So I walked far down the platform and entered the car when the train pulled up. And guess who walked in right behind me? He'd seen me (had he been waiting for me?), followed me down the platform, and proceeded to stand behind me the whole ride. At my transfer, I specifically walked to a different part of the platform than I usually stand...and he was there, too. Standing right behind me.

It's really weird. He genuinely doesn't come off as threatening. When the train has been really crowded, he didn't use it as an excuse to press up against me in a creepy way or anything. And I once even casually asked him if he wanted to move in so he could grab the pole in front of me during one particularly crowded ride, and he politely declined. Which to me, makes the whole thing even weirder - because he's still definitely, no question, following me.

At this point, it's weird enough that I really don't want to talk to him and ask him what's up. Because of past personal history, I also have a LOT of anxiety talking to (and especially confronting) strange men. I think I'm just going to start taking another train home.

Argh. Why can't I just commute without shit like this happening? I'm a fat old married lady who obviously wears a wedding ring, and dude is youngish and isn't bad looking - I'm sure he could get plenty of girls. So why the following? Anyone ever had anything like this happen? Advice?

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