OK Broadchurch fans, let's feel the feels and talk it out. If you haven't watched Broadchurch and plan to, really don't read this post. Although IMHO the show is about much more than the "whodunit," I really do think it takes away from the experience to know too much about the finale. If you are like me and forget names from one episode to the next, here's the cast list on Wikipedia. and Imdb. I'm feeling flu-ish, so might disappear at some point to be gross or just go to bed.

So, how many of the false leads did you initially fall for? When did you figure out it was Joe? What did you think about the Hardy/Miller partnership? How did you feel about how Ellie's pregnancy was handled? What little details did you love? Like, what's with the crumbling yellow walls?

What about the minor characters like Becca Fisher? Was that telephone engineer really supposed to be psychic or has he been listening in on phone lines for years?

I guess the thing that struck me overall is how many people in the town were just broken and how many had come to the town to escape (Jack) or redeem (Hardy, Susan Wright, Rev. Coates) their pasts which came back to them in terrible ways. That scene when Susan Wright explains why she was looking at the body left me gasping.

My favorite thing might have been how David Tennant says "Mill-erah"

I haven't read much on the series, but evidently Tennant has agreed to be in the US remake. How do we feel about that?


Or whatever you want to talk about!!!!