Today (well yesterday) I went to the hospital.

My large, 8cm Dermoid ovarian cyst was removed. With it, came my left ovary as well. I’m thinking that because of the pain meds, I haven’t really processed the loss of my ovary yet. Not sure how that will manifest yet.

Mr. Run and I have been trying to start a family, and due to his genetic kidney disease and my advanced age (I’m only 35, Jeeze louise), it has not been a particularly routine process. This newest development throws another wrench in things, but at least I don’t have a clone growing inside me anymore. If I hadn’t gone for an initial fertility appt, who knows how big it could have gotten.

Despite my midsection feeling like it’s been run over by a truck, I physically feel pretty good. Thank god for barre and trail running. I have super strong thighs that can compensate for my tender abs. I can actually sit on the toilet pretty easily. Yay, small victories!

If you are the hippy vibe and/or praying persuasion, please send healing thoughts my way. Thanks for listening GT.