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So many baby feminists! Worth it to engage?

Despite swearing I wouldn't, I still browse http://www.reddit.com/r/twoxchromoso… every now and then. It's like junk food or tabloids — sometimes I want to consume a little content, but I don't want to work for it. The demographics there skew a lot younger and a lot less feminist over there.

I'm reading this thread, http://www.reddit.com/r/TwoXChromoso…, complaining about how all the memes featuring men are about people, while the memes featuring women are about shitty girlfriends, sex objects, or negative memes.

I don't get the impression that many of these girls are feminists, but I can see the beginnings of feminist frustration, like little incoherent cries of nascent baby feminist rage.



Greg and Steve are stand-ins for default people, and Gina and Stacy are specifically for girlfriends or women that a man has a sexual interest in (or, in Stacy's case, things that men hate about women). I've actually seen a Gina meme where it was something completely innocuous like lending money to a friend, and commenters in AA were asking "Why isn't this Greg?"


Wow, I'm surprised and much more upset than before I started making the list. I just went through 31 pages of all the meme types on quickmeme in search of a mem featuring a female that is either positive or not blatantly subservient to men and I found none



Like I said in another comment, many of them do just happen to be women and the meme isn't inherently gender-based. Actually, I have no problem with them in isolation.

The issue arises when every meme with a picture of a woman is either negative or sexual. Literally every one.


Feel your anger! Your hate gives you power!

This is accurate.

Females in memes: judged by how they behave to the (usually male) poster

males in memes: judged by how they behave.

The hell with this.

YES! Strike down the MRAs and your journey will be complete!


Ahem. Sorry, I just get so excited when I see the beginnings of feminist thought. I want to help nurture this kind of thing, especially since reading online stuff really helped solidify my own feminist leanings. Of course, you know there's mansplainers all up in the thread, 'splaining about how it's not a big deal, it's just because reddit skews male, and how they've seen plenty of women be sexist in memes too.

I keep thinking how I can help convince others to be feminists, how I can ease the journey for younger people. Does making internet arguments really change anything? Maybe at least it'll be a way to practice these arguments so I can start having them in real life.

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